Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Blog Hop

1. Have you ever walked in on a family member in a sexual moment?
Nope. Never walked in on, but definitely overheard my aunt and uncle one time. Grossss! 
2. Have you ever lied to a significant other?
As in about my past or some important matter? No. Dealing with surprises and stuff like that, of course. 
3. Have you ever done the deed with your child (or someone else who was oblivious) in the same room?
I haven't 'done the deed' but I've definitely fooled around in the same room as some oblivious people. 
4. Have you ever not tipped a service person (IE manicurist, waiter, caddy, valet, stripper) for a really stupid reason? (IE Too broke to tip, didn't like how they said hello)
Not that I can remember. I know some people haven't gotten as good of a tip as they would have for saying something stupid or just looking like they don't give a crap about helping the customers out. 
5. Have you ever used your womanly body parts to get you something, or get you out of something?
No. Unless it involves my husband. If that's the case, let the bribes begin. ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Blog Hops

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To-the-TOP Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Places in Your Home
Well, right now, that would be my bedroom and my sewing/guest room. 

I love my bedroom colors and the idea behind it. There is still work that needs to be done (aka: buying the matching chest of drawers, adding coordinating accessories, changing the curtains), but the main part is done and I love the outcome. It is comfy and cozy and a place I know I can relax in. 

The sewing room is also our guest room. I just put the guest bed in there with a table we used to have in the kitchen and use that as my sewing area. It is not decorated. It is always a mess. But sewing/crafting is the one thing I can do that puts me in my own little world and I love having a room just for that. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hmmmm - Crafty anniversary ahead. :)

So today is mine and Goob's anniversary and we're so happy. I don't think I could ever be more in love with anyone than I am with this man. He makes m completely happy and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. Buttt, he's busy for most of the day today so our anniversary will be celebrated tonight and tomorrow since we're both off work. :)

But you know those girls that just try way to hard and you can tell? Yeah! I've got a few of those in my life right now. One of them happens to be related to me and I just want to smack her. It's like, 'you claim to be such a good girl ... those pictures sure show otherwise', but I can't because that would get me in trouble. So I will just keep my mouth shut and continue my crafting and quilting.

Oh, btw ... I am absolutely in love with crafting and quilting thanks to many of the blogs I've started following on here. :)