Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Blog Hop

1. Have you ever walked in on a family member in a sexual moment?
Nope. Never walked in on, but definitely overheard my aunt and uncle one time. Grossss! 
2. Have you ever lied to a significant other?
As in about my past or some important matter? No. Dealing with surprises and stuff like that, of course. 
3. Have you ever done the deed with your child (or someone else who was oblivious) in the same room?
I haven't 'done the deed' but I've definitely fooled around in the same room as some oblivious people. 
4. Have you ever not tipped a service person (IE manicurist, waiter, caddy, valet, stripper) for a really stupid reason? (IE Too broke to tip, didn't like how they said hello)
Not that I can remember. I know some people haven't gotten as good of a tip as they would have for saying something stupid or just looking like they don't give a crap about helping the customers out. 
5. Have you ever used your womanly body parts to get you something, or get you out of something?
No. Unless it involves my husband. If that's the case, let the bribes begin. ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Blog Hops

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To-the-TOP Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Places in Your Home
Well, right now, that would be my bedroom and my sewing/guest room. 

I love my bedroom colors and the idea behind it. There is still work that needs to be done (aka: buying the matching chest of drawers, adding coordinating accessories, changing the curtains), but the main part is done and I love the outcome. It is comfy and cozy and a place I know I can relax in. 

The sewing room is also our guest room. I just put the guest bed in there with a table we used to have in the kitchen and use that as my sewing area. It is not decorated. It is always a mess. But sewing/crafting is the one thing I can do that puts me in my own little world and I love having a room just for that. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hmmmm - Crafty anniversary ahead. :)

So today is mine and Goob's anniversary and we're so happy. I don't think I could ever be more in love with anyone than I am with this man. He makes m completely happy and I cannot wait to see what our future holds. Buttt, he's busy for most of the day today so our anniversary will be celebrated tonight and tomorrow since we're both off work. :)

But you know those girls that just try way to hard and you can tell? Yeah! I've got a few of those in my life right now. One of them happens to be related to me and I just want to smack her. It's like, 'you claim to be such a good girl ... those pictures sure show otherwise', but I can't because that would get me in trouble. So I will just keep my mouth shut and continue my crafting and quilting.

Oh, btw ... I am absolutely in love with crafting and quilting thanks to many of the blogs I've started following on here. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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I have no idea why, but my last few weeks have been relatively quiet and haven't given me much to complain about. (I've also included some of the good things from this week below my Fawk You's) But here are a few Fawk You's: 

Fawk you - breast cancer! Well cancer in general. Even with the treatments that are available today, it is so much stress for people and causes so much hurt. Hopefully one day soon there will be a cure or it won't be such a widespread epidemic. Save the TaTas! 

Fawk you - liars, cheaters, and thieves! I'm not going into detail here - I already have in multiple posts before. I'm tired of you and want you out of my life. 

Fawk you - complainers! All you do is try to get attention and you do it any way possible. From complaining about work, to friends, to activities you go to. I'm sick and tired of it. If it bothers you that dang bad or you're so tired of it - CHANGE IT! (As a quote I read this morning said 'you're not a tree'!) I'm working on not listening to this drama anymore, but it takes a little bit at a time. Eventually, I'm going to cut you outta my life if you don't stop. :-P

Fawk you - secret person! (I can't state names in this one because it may get me in trouble!) But you need to learn to sit at home. There are plenty of things that could be done around your house. I don't see the point in running across the country or even across the globe. You have caused my husband to be gone a lot this month and we may be missing an event we were looking forward to all year. Keep your butt at home and make all of us happier! K, thanks! 

On a positive note (a few of the good things from this week!): 
- I got a seasonal job at a local retail store that I am oh-so-in-love with!!! Yay - go me! 
- I start my regular job soon! Yay for finally being off unemployment! 
- We found out that the price we offered on the house was accepted by the bank, but they won't pay all of closing costs. Butttt, we have an amazing mortgage advisor who figured out a way to get the rest of the closing costs covered. Soooo, we should know sometime SOOOON about whether we got the house! YAY! *happy dance*

Ahhhh, I just found another Friday Blog Hop thing. I love answering questions so I am taking part in Five Question Friday with My Little Life

1. What do you listen to while driving?
Hmmm, this usually depends on my mood. There is one country station I love and a few 'everything' channels I listen to - depending on how far north I go. A lot of times though, I listen to nothing. Yep that's right, I leave the radio off. :)
2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?
The stuffy nose and morning coughs from the change in temperatures and humidity.
3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?
Oh I've actually seen it, rather close to where we live now. It is a BIG house with a HUGE window in the front that looks out over a lake/rive/other body of water. It would be decorated with comfortable, modern/traditional, and coordinating colors/materials/etc. Oh and it would have an AMAZING kitchen with every appliance/utensil/spice I could ever want. And a craft/sewing room that is fully stocked with awesome supplies and amazing fabrics too. 

4. Would you ever own a minivan?
Yes. My husband won't allow it. So we'll probably be an SUV family. But I like the vans and how much room they have. With more than one kid and two dogs, I could totally see a minivan being more useful than a car/small SUV/truck.
5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?
Ehhh, not always. But if I am doing laundry and it's there, I will. And certain things (aka: undies from VS) get washed beforehand regardless. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Change of Face

So I did it. I went ahead and changed the name of the blog and the look of it. What do you think? Everything will stay the same ... just needed a few changes. I hope you enjoy! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days of Truth (28, 29, 30)

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?
Well this one's easy because I want to be pregnant. If I was pregnant I would be ecstatic and would tell my husband. I've got a few ideas of ways to tell him and I already know how I'm going to tell our parents. I am just looking for ideas for how to tell the aunt/uncle-to-be's. :)

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.
I hope to change a few things about my personality. Not who I am as a person, but more like how I go about things. I am always that person that will let you walk all over me to make sure you are happy. But I have realized that it just makes me miserable and then it makes my marriage and other friendships suffer. So I hope to be able to tell people how I feel when they do something wrong or hurtful, without hurting their feelings. We'll see how that goes. 

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself 

Lil Bit - I LOVE that you have stayed true to yourself through everything you've been through. Thus far, you haven't let people and their opinions cause you to do something you aren't comfortable with. I love your hair and your eyes and the fact that you look pretty freakin sexy whether your hair is short or long or brown or red. I love that you are so versatile and love to try many different things. Your determination and mind set is honorable and I love that about you! Most of all though, I love your personality. You are true to your word and are a honest, true friend/wife/sister/daughter/etc. You are an amazing person and you have a great heart! -Your Self

You Know Those Ppl ... Thursday Blog Hops

Obviously MARvelous

So I'm combining this Thursday Blog Hop post with a couple of questions?

Ya know those people that just post statuses or posts just for attention? Like it doesn't say 'I want attention' but the content of the status/post/link is just grabbing for that attention. I CAN'T STAND THOSE PEOPLE!!!! There are a few people in my life like that right now and I'm just so over it. I want to delete them off FB or here or whatever, but I don't want to be considered 'immature' because I'm deleting them out of my life. Hmmmm. What do you think?

And then another questions I asked a couple of days ago. How do you think changing the name/layout of my blog would affect the followers? The content would be the same and nothing would change other than what it looks like (basically). I am considering it but I don't want to change it if everyone thinks it would be a bad idea. What'cha think?!?

Well have a happy Thursday and think of me!!!! (I'll think of you guys too!) :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Question ... do you think changing the name of my blog would affect my followers and the traffic I have?