Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Know Those Ppl ... Thursday Blog Hops

Obviously MARvelous

So I'm combining this Thursday Blog Hop post with a couple of questions?

Ya know those people that just post statuses or posts just for attention? Like it doesn't say 'I want attention' but the content of the status/post/link is just grabbing for that attention. I CAN'T STAND THOSE PEOPLE!!!! There are a few people in my life like that right now and I'm just so over it. I want to delete them off FB or here or whatever, but I don't want to be considered 'immature' because I'm deleting them out of my life. Hmmmm. What do you think?

And then another questions I asked a couple of days ago. How do you think changing the name/layout of my blog would affect the followers? The content would be the same and nothing would change other than what it looks like (basically). I am considering it but I don't want to change it if everyone thinks it would be a bad idea. What'cha think?!?

Well have a happy Thursday and think of me!!!! (I'll think of you guys too!) :)


  1. Thanks for linking up and spreading the word. I am already a follower. I just changed the layout of my blog this week - same header, same background, but on a new template and moved stuff around a bit too. I like your blog - totally up to you.

    Now what bugs me on Facebook is the people that constantly post lyrics to songs.....why :) Have a great Thursday.

  2. I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you would follow me back!

    Cheers from Being Frugal & Making It Work

  3. I'm a new follower!

    I have those same people on FB too. One in particular but I guess I hate being thought of in any negative way by anyone enough I chose to put up with it. HOWEVER, I do know you can hide them! LOL!

  4. Belly Charms - I completely agree. I'll sometimes post lyrics when I'm really frustrated and a song comes on that perfectly describes/relates to what's going on. But for the most part, I avoid lyrics and get annoyed too. I'm seriously considering changing the name of my blog because I want it to be anonymous and I kind of suspect that some people know who I am - and I don't want that at all. Is that crazy?

    Cheeky Momma - going to your blog now! :) thanks for following!

  5. Hi there!

    If you make the change, just let your readers know about it. Besides, now would be the time because your building up your readership.

    I'm a new follower. I found you through Think of Me Thursday Blog Hop.

  6. Hi, I am a new follower on your blog from ThursdayTofM. Hope you can swing by and return the love: Thanks and have a great weekend. 

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  7. Hi there! new follower from blog hop.. hope you stop by too!