Friday, September 10, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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This is a cool blog idea by Boobies, Babies, & A Blog and it is oh so perfect for this week. If you haven't been to her site, definitely check it out.

So let's begin!

Fawk you female body and periods. You were cramping and hurting and being completely exhausted for the past month. And you waited 47 days, yes 47 WHOLE days, to start the cycle again. This is horrible on your part because I want a baby and you misled me to thinking I was pregnant and this may be my turn. Fawk you!

Fawk you friends that let you down. In the past month I have been let down by 3 people I thought were pretty good friends. Two of them being just this week. Fawk You Friend 1 that was going to make one major transition in my life easy for once. I went against my better judgement and trusted you only to find out that you changed your mind and I was screwed again. And Fawk You Friend 2 who lied to me, told me you weren't doing something, and then I caught you lying AGAIN! You don't know I know what's going on, and it is going to stay that way, but you just fucked with the wrong girl. I am done giving you chances!

Fawk you marine corps! You make my husband's life hell and then he comes home absolutely miserable. Not only do you make his life miserable on a daily basis but in general. He wants nothing to do with this state because of you. This is horrible and I hate you for it because this is where I want to stay. I love the area we are in and the endless possibilities that are here. It is because of you that we fought this week and it is because of you that we disagree on so much stuff.

Fawk You week! I'm glad you're almost done. I'm tired of dealing with the bullshit you've brought!


  1. I know that military commitments can be sooooo hard to deal with. It was very hard on my cousin and his wife while he was in. Sorry to hear about the friends too. This may be why I don't have many.

    Thanks for joining up with us today and I hope things get better for you.

  2. Thanks Christy. I am learning more and more, each day that goes by, that I am independent and don't really want or need friends. My husband and I continue to be on this "get screwed over" cycle.

  3. AWESOME post!!! Let it all out girl! I love it! I am sorry to hear the week hasn't been easy. Keep you chin up!!!


  4. Smooches for linking up! I'm with you on the female body...NOT cool!!

    It's sad that friends more often than not just cause you grief...fawkers! ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up..I'm following you now!

  5. Feel better after that rant?
    I'm so sorry your body mislead you, especially when you're trying to get pregnant. That one deserves a great big Fawk you!
    Read every word of this!

  6. Sandra - I definitely did feel better after the rant. :) It's so funny how just typing something out makes you feel so much better!