Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today is the Day! (Day 25)

Today is the day! 
I am oh-so-happy! I went to be around 4:30 this morning (thanks Goob's work schedule and night shifts *insert sarcasm*) but couldn't sleep past 9:30. I found out my friend is having a little baby boy at the end of January (I'm secretly so jealous of her because I want a little baby boy, like, YESTERDAY!), there is a gym close by offering $1 enrollment and 1st month free, ANNNNNND (finally) we are putting an offer  on the house we love! Goob decided that the decrease of $15,000 and the seller paying closing costs was just TOO GOOD of a deal to pass up! :D (Click HERE to read my question/predicament about this house!) I am so excited about this house and am already planning where things will go, what we will do when we first move in, different crafty things I can make for it, and everything! I haven't been this excited since I got married! YAY!!!! So that is plenty of "news" for me to be super excited about today and I just could not sleep any longer! How are you today? Any exciting news? 

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.
Well, I definitely haven't been in any life-threatening situations or had any life-threatening illnesses (KNOCK ON WOOD) in my life. So I definitely believe that I am still alive today because I have not fulfilled my purpose here on this earth. I do believe everyone has a purpose in life and that everything that is meant to happen will happen when it is supposed to. I'm still alive so I must not have completed my "duties" yet. :)


  1. Congratulations on the house! I'm so excited for you guys! :)
    Crafty home projects are like one of my biggest dreams right now.

    PS If you get this comment twice, I apologize. I got some weird error message the first time.

  2. Thanks Salt! And nope, I only got it once! :)

  3. A new house! Isn't that totally exciting? I love my home, but I am a habitual mover. I just like the idea of setting up house. Have fun!

  4. Kalea Kane - Yes!!! I am super excited but trying to not get my hopes up in case something falls through. I am horrible about moving too. if I could move every year (without having to pack and unpack boxes) I think I would. I love being in new places. :)

  5. Good answer to 25
    I havent had any near death experiences yet either...Hopefully it stays that way for the both of us!!