Friday, September 3, 2010

New to The Idea

I've been looking for a way to talk about random things and not have someone judging me or "liking" my statuses or complaining about the things I say. Soooo, I decided a blog was the perfect place to do this.

I've seen blogs for random complaining and ranting to reviews about new products to selling products or offering tips for different things. I hope to use this blog as a combination of all of these things and many other things I come across in my everyday life. 

30 Days of Truth: this is a month-long project where I will be answering a specific question on a specific day for 30 days. I've read that people are weary to start this project, as am I. But it seems like something that would be a great start to my blogging experience. Soooo, look forward to that here soon. :)

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